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Schedule of Fees
Fees Overview
Basic Ads placed without any upgrades are FREE!
All fees are in the denomination of the domiciled country, or in US dollars. All listings must abide by the User Agreement.

There are NO fees for listing found items. Photo uploads are Free. All other upgrades to Found Ads do not apply. Animal Shelters that list found animals automatically have their ads bolded and highlighted, provided the listing email address matches their email address on file in our Resources Area.
As an owner, you can elect several optional features in the lost database to help promote your listing.
Reward Icon
The Internet Lost and Found encourages you to post a reward for your lost animal / item. You are responsible for any reward posted.  In order to indicate that you are offering a reward, users must purchase a reward icon for $ 5.00. In addition, The Internet Lost and Found charges a 1% fee based on the amount of the reward. The purpose of the 1% fee is to discourage owners from posting high value rewards (with no intention to pay) just to get users to view their ad.
The fee is for listing a reward is $5.00 or 1% of the total reward amount, whichever is greater.
Listing Enhancements (Title Bold, Highlighted, Bordered)
Bold Ad $2.00
Highlighted Ad $2.00
Bordered Ad $2.00
Bold + Bordered Ad $3.00
Bold + Highlighted Ad $3.00
Bordered + Highlighted Ad $3.00
Bold + Bordered + Highlighted $5.00
Additional Photos
5 Additions Photos $5.00
Email Matching- Auto Alert
The email matching service sends you near matches of your ad when a found ad is placed in the database. Fees are based upon the area that you select to cover.
Please note that there are limitations to this service.
Within Zip Code $5.00
Within City $7.50
Within Country $10.00
Within State $15.00
Within Country $40.00
Within Radius of 5 Miles $5.00
Within Radius of 5 Miles $7.50
Within Radius of 20 Miles $10.00
Within Radius of 50 Miles $15.00
At Venue $5.00
The specific location fee bases the email matching on a particular place, such as airports, transit systems, zoos, etc. It is sent based on a find at a particular location, and not in a particular geographic area. For example, if you lost your cell phone at JFK airport, you would only be interested in cell phones found at JFK airport, not cell phones found in the greater New York area.
Featured Listing
Featured Ad Listings $5.00
Featured Homepage Listing
Your ad will rotate on our home page for viewers within the area you select (City/County/State/Country).
Featured Ad Homepage (Within City) $7.00
Featured Ad Homepage (Within County) $8.00
Featured Ad Homepage (Within State) $10.00
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